Presentation Design

1. What elements were you already aware of?  Which elements were you not aware of?  I was honestly not aware of any of the elements, besides the no bullet points one, but that was only because we talked about it in class.
 2.  How can you incorporate this into your own work and that of your students?  Why is it important?  
Well we do have a project coming up that deals with all these elements, so now I have something to look back on when it comes to building my next project. And then I can pass my knowledge down to my future students and help them out.
      3.  How do the Power Points that you have created over the years fit (or not fit) with these design principles?  You may also want to take a look at this blog posting on dodging presentation fatigue. I have literally been doing everything wrong. My whole life has basically been a lie up until this point. My slides are usually covered with pictures that shouldn’t be there and bullet points that make no sense, so yeah, my life has had zero meaning up until this point.


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