Introductory Concepts

In recent discussions of Turning On The Lights and The Use and Abuse of Technology in the Classroom, a controversial issue has been whether to allow technology in the classroom. On the one hand, some argue that allowing technology in the classroom can be very beneficial to the students and teacher. From this perspective, I can see how technology might help ones learning in the classroom and advance the lesson for the teacher, also. On the other hand, however, others argue that it really takes away the hands on learning that some students are best at. According to this view, there are more ways to abuse technology than there are ways to actually use it. In sum then, the issue is whether To let the technology in or keep the technology out.

My own view is that technology should not be used as a balancing beam for information.  Though I concede that technology can be helpful for finding things that you can’t in a book. I still maintain that , learning things manually rather than technologically is better. For example, staring at a screen can hurt one’s eyes and cause them to occasionally “glaze over.”   Although some might object that reading can do the same, I would reply that the tiny glowing screens are no way to learn things.  The issue is important because technology is advancing day by day and books and conversations are becoming more and more opaque.


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